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 Oakwood Medical Centre

Oakwood Medical Centre

Malcolm's Way
Reservoir Road
N14 4AQ
Phone: 020 8886 1115
Fax: 020 8886 6166

Booking an Appointment

Remember to ask for an interpreter if English is not your first language and this will be arranged for you via Language Line.

Contact reception by phone or in person.

Or if you are registered for online services you can book online via the app.  Online bookings are available for routine appointments with the GP only. All other appointment types will need to be booked in person or via the phone.


Keep us updated with your mobile telephone number so we can send you txt message reminders of your appointments.

We offer routine appointments bookable upto Six weeks in advance for both GP and Nurses.


If you feel you need to be seen on the day, we do have book on the day appointments available (these appointments are generally if unable to wait for next available routine appointment). If you feel it necessary to request a same day appointment please do so at 8am for a morning appointment or 12 noon where you will be offerred a pm appointment.

Saturday Surgery is always pre booked appointments only and is aimed to assist those patients working ,who find it difficult to arrange appointments around their work schedule. This clinic is run by GP only.


If you are unable to keep an appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may offer it to someone else. ( telephones are not in operation on Saturdays)


Please book one appointment for each family member who needs to be seen and a double appointment if you have difficulty hearing or need an interpreter. If you think you may take a long time please make a double appointment as a general 10 minute appointment may not be enough time.

Double appointments are rerquired for 6week checks following the birth.


Enfield HUB appointments  - Booking information


To book an apoointment with a GP or Nurse at one of the Enfield Hubs please speak to a member of our reception team during core hours or via 111 out of hours.


Our Telephone System


Please listen to the options carefully and using your telephone keypad choose one of the following:

  • Appointments press 1
  • Results (between 2-4pm) press 3
  • All other enquiries after 10am press 4

Telephone Advice


We do not offer telephone advice , however telephone consultations are available on request.


Prolonged Waiting Times


Patients will be seen usually within 20 minutes of the appointment time. An apology and an explanation will be given when there is likely to be a long delay. However If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for a Doctors appointment or 15 minutes late in the case of the Nurse/Healthcare assistant ,you will be seen at their discretion, and may need to wait further due to patients who have arrived on time taking precedence.

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