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 Oakwood Medical Centre

Oakwood Medical Centre

Malcolm's Way
Reservoir Road
N14 4AQ
Phone: 020 8886 1115
Fax: 020 8886 6166

As part of our PMS Contract with NHS England,we now agree areas of service to offer our patients in addition to our contract of services.


We have chosen to continue with the following areas  2015/2016:

Nothing has yet been changed for KPIs 16/17 -so Continue as before.


To record infant feeding method for 98% of 6- 8 week olds carry out development check

Record smoking status for 60% of all pregnant women and refer to stop smoking clinic,if smokers

Offer a Phlebotomy service from our surgery for all of our patients( under 16s excluded as per Chase farm hospital policy)

Review 90% of over 65s medication if on four or more repeats.

Offer 16.5 hours of clinical appointments per week per 1000 patients

Remain open 52.5hours per week and take calls during lunch time

Offer 50 % of our Routine GP appointments at a duration of 15 minutes .

Screen patients with Obesity,Coronary Heart Disease,Stroke or Hypertension ,for Diabetes.

Have a Patient participation group who are involved with our choice of KPIs.


For 20/14/2015 we have decided with our PPG to offer the above plus the following and continued with this for 15/16:


Offer 100% of all over 75s an annual health check and deliver 50%.

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