Upgrade Our Telephone System

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We listened to you when you asked for a place in the queue system to be added to our telephone system.

As from 4/2/15, our telephones have been upgraded, so when you are calling you to know where in the queue you are situated.

This will enable patients to call back at a less busy time if happy to wait.

On August 23rd we repaired the paving blocks around the larger oak tree, on the pathway leading to the practice. The tree was also reduced to allow more light.

At Easter 2014 we repaired all the pothole in our private road and the large one in the car park. The blocked drain in the car park was also cleared.

All of this has been as a result of patient feedback and meeting with our PPG ( Patient Participation Group).

New members welcome, next meeting Thursday 30/4/15 at 9.30 am here at the surgery, come along have your say. Under 18s also welcome.

As requested by our PPG the paving slabs leading to our surgery have been lifted and relaid to prevent trip hazards. New potholes in our road were also refilled all this work was carried out on 22/10/15.

At the request of our PPG, we have replaced our welcome sign in the car park and addressed patient parking only. (December 2015.)

We are currently addressing their request to have an additional disability parking space.