Clinics & Services Information

Vaccine Information

  • No chickenpox vaccine is available.
  • MMR Catch-up for over 16’s and 10-11-year-olds. 
  • 13-18 usually done at school but we are able to offer this vaccine.
  • The HPV vaccine is only available at school.
  • Shingles vaccine available for patients aged 70 or 78 years old or anyone who was previously eligible (born after 2/9/42) and has not been vaccinated before their 80th Birthday. 
  • Flu vaccine clinic in October, please book an appointment if qualify.
  • Travel vaccinations are available, some are not available on the NHS and so will be administered at a fee please enquire at reception for more details.

Health Promotion & Education 

We undertake to provide a comprehensive programme of health promotion and education. Details of any current promotions and literature will be displayed in the lobby.

Repeat Dispensing 

We offer a repeat dispensing system for patients with chronic conditions (a six month supply of medication) to aid the management of chronic diseases. Over 65’s are now only able to have one month of medication issued on each prescription.

Private Fees 

Non-urgent advice: Notice

Please note that there is a charge for the completion of most forms and reports by the doctor/nurse. The list of private fees is displayed at reception.  

Please note that most reports and forms (such as those for insurance, solicitors, DSS, Council etc.) are considered as private work, which is not in the remit of the doctors NHS workload. Although there is a charge for the completion of such reports and forms this private works does not take priority over NHS work. We aplolgise in advance if the doctors NHS workload is such that your report or form has not been completed within reasonable time, but the fee for completion will still apply.

The doctors at Oakwood Medical Centre do not do: 

  • Record injuries for police purposes. 
  • Provide Jurors with a certificate to excuse them from Jury service. 
  • Make declarations in support of patients who wish to have a postal vote. 
  • Countersign driving License applications. 
  • Countersign Passport applications. 
  • Countersign Shotgun certificate applications. 
  • Write letters to support Housing Applications.