New Patients

Temporary Residents

If you have someone visiting you who needs to see a doctor, they can be seen in the usual way but they will need to fill out a temporary resident form. A record of the consultation will then be forwarded to their own registered doctor. Temporary Residents cannot be placed on the triage list until form completed.

Registering With Us

Our practice is offering online registration..

To register visit You will be asked to complete a form and submit your personal information so that we can register you.

Please note that if you want to come in person to register, we will be happy to help you. Please check that your postcode is within our catchment area and telephone the practice for further help.

You do not have to show any ID or proof of address to register.

To register in person please come to the practice Monday to Friday 12pm -1pm and 3pm -4pm

Please complete a registration form, which is available at reception or to download below.

You will be offered an appointment with the healthcare assistant for a new patient check if new to the country, and an appointment with the doctor if you are taking prescribed medication. We would prefer a copy of immunisation records for all under 5s. 

Those patients who already have had a GP in the UK, are not necessarily required to have a new patient health check as 95% practices now transfer medical records electronically, however, if this is preferable please book an appointment with our HCA two weeks after registering with us.

Please obtain your NHS number from your previous GP to assist us with processing your registration with us, and locating your medical records.

New patients are now able to register with some practices even if they are not living within their catchment area, however this is not our policy.

Existing patients who move out of our catchment area can apply to remain registered by completing and out of area form. By doing so you will need to confirm that you will not be requesting any home visits. For more information please speak to a member of our team.

Patients must also be aware that we as a practice may choose not to register you as an out of area registration, if it is felt not clinically appropriate or not practical, this would be the Practices decision with no right for appeal and each patient will be judged on an individual basis.